Careers at RRU

At Royal Roads University, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that mirrors the philosophy and values that underpin the education we offer our learners. The curricular themes of leadership, conflict management, sustainability and entrepreneurship are ingrained in the structure and daily operation of our university.

Employment Opportunities

Associate Faculty/Contractors

AVP Communications

Application Instructions:

  1. Create an account by clicking on the CREATE ACCOUNT button or clicking into the job title of the position you are interested in and clicking on the APPLY FOR THIS POSITION button.
  2. Resume: UPLOAD your resume. You are encouraged to include attachments in your profile to help support your job application but the attachments should be general in nature, such as generic resume, generic cover letter* and professional certificate copies. This is because the platform used to manage RRU job postings collects all of your attachments and application submissions to a single applicant workbench for each user. If you are applying to multiple positions, your application and attached documents may be viewed by members of Hiring Committees for all of the applied to positions. You cannot make changes to your profile after you have submitted your resume. Do not remove yourself from consideration to update your profile as you cannot reapply for any position once you have removed yourself from consideration.
  3. Cover letter: It is recommend that you cut and paste your cover letter into the cover letter contents box for each competition rather than uploading a cover letter, particularly if you applying on multiple competitions. If you cut and paste, the cover letter will be attached to a distinct competition. *If you upload a cover letter it will appear on your workbench as an attachment and may be viewed by members of hiring committees for all of the position you have applied to.
  4. Attachments: You can add as many attachments to a profile as you like as long as the file size of each item doesn’t exceed 2 MBs.  Any documents in the My Attachments section is viewable by the hiring managers for any positions you have applied to. If you want to provide a resume and/or cover letter for a particular position, this is done in the Resume Box in your profile.