Contractor's Safety Requirements

It is the objective of RRU to ensure the safety of their staff, learners and all of their clients whenever contractors are operating on RRU sites. All contractors must meet full compliance with WorksSafeBC regulations and RRU’s safety standards.

It is necessary for each contractor to provide to the University their WorkSafeBC Firm registration number and a statement ensuring that they are paid up in their assessments. Upon request by RRU, contractors will be required to provide to the University their complete written safety programs and where required update their safety programs to meet the standards of the WorkSafeBC and/or those of the University.

In addition to the Contractor’s Safety Programs, the contractor’s safety record in time loss injuries, statements of plus or minus assessment status, written safety procedures for special work activities, evidence of training of their staff and/or subcontractors, evidence of their first aid facilities and first aid providers and references of previous contracts highlighting their safety credentials, will be provided when required by RRU.

Contractors shall be responsible for all safety related costs and where there is evidence that the contractor’s activities are creating unsafe work exposures to RRU staff or clients (i.e. dust or air quality contaminations) the costs for all additional ventilation equipment or other safety related equipment are to be borne by the contractor. All project sites shall be clearly signed identifying precautions (i.e. hard hat areas, noise areas etc.) and identifying the prime contractor for safety purposes.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the Contractor will be deemed the Prime Contractor as defined by section 118 of the Workers Compensation Act of BC.

There is an RRU Contractor’s Occupational Health, Safety & Environment booklet available from the Director of Physical and Environmental Resources. This booklet is to be provided to every contractor and a signed receipt attached to the contract.

The appropriate RRU staff representative assigned to the contract will provide monitoring for the OHSE requirements as well as for the production performance, during the course of the contract.