The Departmental Navigator

The Navigator's Role & Responsibilities

RRU uses an informal "peer support" system, in addition to the direction and assistance provided by their supervisor, which helps welcome new employees to the organization and make them feel "at home".  Peer support individuals, whom we call Navigators, assist new staff in 'navigating' the university by:

  • Introducing them to other members of the RRU community.
  • Assisting them to understand our culture and norms (eg. greeting colleagues on a first-name basis, our open-door policy, etc).
  • Accompanying them to organizational events such as Castle Coffee and Campus Conversation.

The Navigator also helps the new employee find their way around RRU by:

  • Helping to identify key resources.
  • Answering day-to-day operational questions.

Navigators are selected by their departmental manager/director to assist new employees upon their arrival.  The role of departmental Navigator can change hands over time or be taken on by two or more individuals when necessary.

Advantages of Being/Having a Navigator

There are many advantages to having and being a Navigator within a department.  It can offer the opportunity to:

  • Build relationships across the university.
  • Further develop one's leadership skills.
  • Promote inclusion.
  • Increase productivity within the department.

Support for the Navigator

In order to bring together those individuals who make such a positive impact on our new employees, an RRU Welcome Wagon Committee has been established and consistsof all the departmental Navigators on campus.  The purpose of this committee is to share ideas, suggestions, celebrate accomplishments and provide information on their department's orientation activities in order to enhance the orientation experience for new employees, while maintaining the consistency of the information shared.

Support for the Navigator is provided by the Welcome Wagon Committee, and the Human resources department.