First Aid

The provision of first aid services and resources is a fundamental element of the Royal Roads University safety program.

Royal Roads University is deemed to have a “B” class hazard rating for WCB Occupational First Aid purposes. RRU is located “less than 20 minutes surface travel time to a hospital” and therefore currently requires Level 2 First aid attendant and a First Aid room, to meet compliance with WCB regulations, Part 33.

Under its contract with RRU, the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Security and Campus Services Department) provides the required Level 2 Occupational First Aid Attendants. The First Aid Room is located in building 7B.

All staff must be made familiar with the location of, and procedure for, obtaining First Aid during their initial orientation to the campus. All work related injuries must be reported to First Aid immediately. A First Aid Attendant can be contacted by calling local 4114 on the in-house telephone system or by contacting the Security and Campus Services Department at 391-2525. In the event that you are contacting First Aid on behalf of someone else, ensure the injured worker is as comfortable as possible, go to the closest access point where the Campus Security truck can spot you and then guide the First Aid Attendant to the injured person.

Inasmuch as the occupational first aid duties for Royal Roads University are delivered by a private contractor there is a required process for the reporting of first aid incidents to the OH&S committee to meet compliance with the WCB regulations.

All first aid related incidents will be reported to the OH&S Committee at their monthly meeting. In the event that the First Aider is unable to actually be in attendance, the report will be filed with the committee secretary as an agenda item. The report will consist of the number of incidents for the previous month. Incidents are to be numbered consecutively for the month and for the calendar year, and broken down by staff, learners, others (i.e. visitors etc.).

For staff incidents, reference will be made as to whether the patient was directed to medical aid ( i.e. either doctor’s office or hospital) or if the case involved time loss from their work. Time loss does not include the day of the incident, but commences the first day following the day of the incident. A full description of the incident, what happened, what the patient was doing at the time i.e. actual employment activities or duties at time of incident, contributing factors, witnesses etc. The actual name of the patient is not required, for confidential reasons.

All first aid incidents must be reviewed monthly by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The purpose of the committee review is to determine the causative factors of each incident and make recommendations to prevent a recurrence.