Healthcare Benefit Trust and Pacific Blue Cross

Royal Roads University has switched to Healthcare Benefit Trust (HBT) as the new benefits provider effective October 1, 2020.


Benefits at a Glance

PBC Benefits Booklets


Member ID Cards
Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) Member ID cards are on their way and being delivered by Canada Post to your home address. Your new ID card contains your PBC Policy and ID number which you will need when visiting the pharmacy or dental office. Should you have plans to visit the pharmacy or dental office this week and your card has not yet arrived, please contact PBC to obtain your new ID# at 1-877-PAC-BLUE / 1 877 722-2583. You will be asked for your Policy # 50000, name, birthdate, and address. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be provided with your ID#.

Member Profile Registration Emails
Emails for registration to PBC’s member portal will be delivered to your inbox on October 1st. You can access their registration page using a link in the email from PBC or alternatively, you can access their Registration Page here.


More information coming soon...