Healthy U

Royal Roads has developed a health and wellness plan, branded Healthy U with a vision to support our employees in all aspects of health, summarized as ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, and Healthy Life’. Healthy U aims to build and grow a healthy work environment for all current and future employees.  A well designed wellness program provides the most important ingredient in changing health behaviours: motivation.   There is no more powerful ingredient in changing behaviour than social support and access to programs and facilities. Most of all, it is synonymous with the fundamental mission of Royal Roads University: discovery and the maximization of human potential – LIFE.CHANGING!

We will be using this page to communicate some of the things we have been doing so, keep checking back to learn more!

Workplace Hypervigilance: Helpful or Harmful?

The Healthy U team was pleased to host Walmsley counselor Jenny DeReis, RCC to talk about workplace hypervigilance. 

What is workplace hypervigilance? It is a manner of viewing the workplace from a threat-based perspective. Deciding what is dangerous and what is innocuous can only be determined by assuming everything is dangerous. Therefore, we become hypervigilant when at work, always looking for and expecting danger at every turn. In the short term, this hypervigilance makes us alert, engaged, and hyper-focused at work. In the long term, it creates a cycle in which work is the only place where we feel engaged and alert, and when off work, we fall into a pattern of exhaustion, apathy, and disengagement from other people and activities we used to enjoy. Covid-19 has created hypervigilant workplaces where none existed before.

A recording of the session can be viewed here. Download the slide deck.

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