Hiring Manager's Checklist

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Preparing for the Arrival of Your New Employee

Below you will find a detailed checklist to support you during the final stages of the hiring process and the initial orientation of your new staff member.

Upon selection of your new employee:

Verbal offer of Employment and Contract Negotiations

  1. Manager or department representative contacts employee with verbal offer after consulting with Human Resources to determine details of the offer (salary, benefits or % in lieu vacation, etc).

Preferably 10 days prior to start date:

CAMP (Staff Accounts)

  1. Manager/dept. representative completes and submits the online CAMP form.
  2. HR reviews and approves CAMP request.  Employee number forwarded to manager/department representative for reference (through CAMP system).

Employee Contract

*Note:  Employee must not start employment without a signed contract returned to HR

  1. HR prepares employment contract/letter and forwards to VP for signature.
  2. HR picks up signed contract from VP and delivers it to the manager who meets with new employee to review and sign the formal contract/letter (prior to their start date).
  3. A copy of the signed contract/letter is forwarded to HR to be added to the official personnel file.

University Welcome Package

  1. HR sends a University Welcome Package to the new employee via mail to residence or hand delivers it to the manager prior to the employee's start date.

Preferably one week prior to start date:


  1. Contact employee to remind of start date, time, location, parking and workplace attire.


  1. Create department orientation schedule.
  2. Schedule visit with the President for all regular (full or part time) employees.  Allan Cahoon is committed to personally welcoming each new employee during their first weeks of employment.
  3. Inform departmental Navigator of new arrival and review their role and responsibilities.

Workstation Setup

  1. Setup office workstation/furniture.
  2. Locate waste and recycling bins.  If bins are required, submit an online P&ER Service Request.
  3. Ensure basic office supplies are provided.
  4. Compile Departmental Orientation Package (if available).

Computer Setup

  1. Ensure computer is setup with required university software applications (EMS, Avanti, etc.).
  2. Confirm employee is included in relevant departmental email distribution lists.
  3. Enable employee access to appropriate departmental Outlook mailboxes.
  4. Confirm employee access to appropriate electronic files.

Telephone Setup

  1. Ensure telephone is programmed with employee identity (Computer Services).
  2. Ensure telephone user package is available.
  3. Confirm extension number is assigned (email Computer Services).


  1. Send departmental announcement as required.
  2. Send a "New Employee Welcome Message" (from manager) to CrossRoads.

On Employees's First Day:

Greetings from Manager

  1. Welcome new employee to RRU and to the department and present them with their Welcome Gift Package.
  2. Review New Employee Checklist (include in their employee's University Welcome Package).
  3. Show employee to his/her workstation/office.
  4. Introduce new employee to department members and Navigator.

Meeting with Manager

  1. Get acquainted (relating on a personal level).
  2. Briefly describe department outcomes and priorities and remind employee how he/she will contribute to departmental outcome.
  3. Review Departmental Orientation Package (as applicable).

Office/Workstation Orientation Package (with Navigator)

  1. Discuss building/office access and alarm system.
  2. Tour meeting rooms, washrooms, lunchroom, etc.
  3. Discuss office resources and explain internal/external mail system.

Campus Tour and Business en Route (with Navigator)

  1. Visit with the President (or within Week 1 as schedule permits).
  2. Human Resources and Payroll (submit payroll forms and meet with Benefits Administrator if applicable).
  3. University Reception (Obtain ID Card and submit parking forms if required).
  4. Security (obtain keys)
  5. Optional:  Continue with Campus Tour (Library, Rec Centre, Habitat, etc.)

Technology Time

  1. Provide instructions for initial login and navigation or electronic files.
  2. Provide login instructions for HR Website and Crossroads.
  3. Review RRU telephone instructions and Long Distance Agreement and assist in setting up voicemail message.

Reflection Time

  1. Allow employee time to review and process information/materials presented during the day.

End of Day One Debriefing

  1. Manager to answer any employee's questions and send home with a smile!

During Weeks 1 & 2:

  1. Discuss and schedule university applications and technology training.
  2. Review department outcomes, priorities, and culture.
  3. Discuss departmental guidelines and work schedules.
  4. Review employee's job responsibilities and role in helping achieve department outcomes.
  5. Discuss customer relationship management and teamwork expectations.
  6. Discuss manager and employee expectations.
  7. Discuss written and unwritten practices and norms (eg. staff birthdays).
  8. Have them familiarize themselves with key website resources such as:
  9. Discuss pay periods and online pay information (contact payroll if necessary).
  10. Check on employee's progress and impressions and answer questions.
  11. Ensure that new employee has met with Benefits Administrator.
  12. Inform new employee of Orientation Workshop, internal community events, and volunteer opportunities.

Going Forward:

  1. Familiarize new employee with the Performance & Development Planning (PDP) process and prepare for development of work plan and quarterly meetings to review their performance.
  2. Encourage employee to participate in organizational events and learning and professional development opportunites.
  3. Reaffirm the importance of employee's role in achieving university outcomes.
  4. Celebrate completion of employee's probationary period (usually 3 months).

Download the Hiring Managers Checklist