HR Customer Service Guide

The professionals in Royal Roads' Human Resources department are here to help. The HR Consultant assigned to your area is your first point of contact, unless otherewise indicated below. Associate directors (ADHR) provide oversight and guidance to the HR team. HR will respond to all inquiries as soon as practical and in accordance with the listed HR Service Expectations.




Benefits and benefits managementBenefitsJeannie Drew
ADHR: tbd
Collective Agreement administration & interpretationEmployee and Labour RelationsRRUFA - Gina Williams
CUPE - Pamela MacIntosh-Snell
ADHR: Cristal Glass-Painchaud
Employee Orientation and On-boardingNew Employee Orientation

Nicole McDowell
ADHR: Lisa Robinson

Employee RelationsEmployee and Labour RelationsHR Consultant
ADHR:Gina Williams
Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and counselling Walmsley Jeannie Drew
ADHR: tbd
Employee Engagement and Recognition Employee Engagement and Recognition and Peacock AwardsNicole McDowell
ADHR:  Lisa Robinson
Exempt CompensationExempt Compensation ADHR: tbd
Flexible Work ArrangementsFlexible Work ArrangementsHR Consultant
ADHR: Cristal Glass-Painchaud  
HR Smart HR Smart Jody Blair or Nicole McDowell
ADHR: tbd
Job Evaluation Workforce Planning/Role Profiles/Job Evaluation ADHR: tbd
Medical leave, return to work & accommodation processes HR Consultant 
ADHR: tbd
Ocelli project ADHR: tbd
Occupational Health and SafetyOccupational Health and SafetyADHR: Cristal Glass-Painchaud 
Performance and Development Planning Performance and Development Planning HR Consultant or Jody Blair

Pension Plan questions College or Municipal Pension Plan Jeannie Drew
ADHR: tbd
Policies and Procedures 

Employee related Policy and Procedures

University related Policy and Procedures 

ADHR: Cristal Glass-Painchaud
Recruitment and SelectionSelection and HiringHR Consultant
ADHR: Lisa Robinson
Travel International SOS Travel International SOS Jeannie Drew
Training and Development Nicole McDowell
ADHR: Lisa Robinson
Workplace Wellness/Healthy UWorkplace WellnessAnna Brigham
ADHR: tbd

 Last updated: September 17, 2021