HR Service Expectations

The information below provides customer service expectations for the various transactions performed by our HR Department. These measurements of service are required by every team member. Our customers can expect to receive timely responses, notifications and results based on the levels listed below. It is our mission to be available, accessible and responsive. The HR Department strives to be a trusted partner with the Royal Roads community.

Note: These service expectations are meant to monitor the more critical elements of the services provided and are not meant to reflect the comprehensive services offered by the HR Department. The processes reflected below are not listed in any order of priority.

Human Resources Office

Phone Calls

Voicemail messages


Phone calls, voicemail messages and emails received on a standard business day will be returned within one to three business days upon receipt, depending on urgency, operational priority, capacity and volume.

This response will either be an acknowledgment of receipt with an anticipate time- frame to address the subject or the response to the initial inquiry.

Employees who need immediate assistance will be attended to on a first-come, first-serve basis as they arrive. It is our mission to be available, accessible and responsive and to consistently follow-up.

Given we are often in meetings or on calls we encourage appointments to ensure you get the right person at the right time.

Talent Acquisition

Job Postings and AdvertisingAfter receiving an approved hiring request via HR Smart most jobs will be posted within two business days.  

Some jobs may require conversations with the hiring manager to determine advertising strategies inclusive of EDI commitments.

Note:  The approval process can take several days.

Resume Reviews/Applicant Screening

Submitted resumes may be initially screened by HR upon the request of the hiring manager. 

HR Pre-Screen Phone Interviews Upon request of the hiring manager and review by the hiring committee, HR may assist with initial phone screen interviews. Candidates selected for a phone screen interview are contacted within two business days after determining long list of candidates. 
Evaluations of Pre- Screen Interviews 

HR will submit the results of the pre-screen interview to the hiring manager as a package within one day following the pre-screen interview schedule.

Phone, Virtual or On-Campus Interviews Upon request from the hiring manager, shortlisted candidates selected for interviews are contacted within two business days. 
Reference Checks 

Reference checks are normally best done by the hiring manager.  HR will provide a Reference Check Template.

If Reference Checks are required to be completed by HR these will normally be completed within three business days, dependent upon referee availability.  
Hiring Recommendation Hiring recommendation to senior leader will be prepared by HR within two days of completing reference checks.  
Job Offer Letters 

Offer letters are created within one business day confirmation of written or verbal acceptance by the candidate and receipt of the approved hiring recommendation from senior leader.

Once approved, HR will send the offer letter to the candidate within one business day. 
Employment Verifications Email requests for employment verification are responded to within two business days of receipt. 
New Employee
Orientation (NEO) workshop
All new employees will be invited to a half day NEO workshop. These workshops are scheduled based on the number of new hires and the availability of facilitators.
Welcome email from HR All new employees will receive a welcome email with a link to the mandatory new employee training on their first day of work at RRU (unless this falls on a weekend, in which case the email will be sent on the first business day).  

Talent Development

Tuition Assistance 

Final approval will be contingent upon the university’s capacity to fund this initiative and confirmed space availability that does not displace a fee-paying student.

Human Resources will inform applicants of the status of their and/or their family members application within 2 days of final approval.

Pro-D Requests

Pro-D requests are normally responded to within 2 days of receipt.

Total Rewards

Benefits Overview New employees eligible for benefits will be contacted the first week of employment for a benefit overview and to provide enrolment forms, managers will be cc’d to keep them in the loop.
Workers’ Compensation ProcessingHR will follow processes as per Worksafe BC at 
Job Evaluation ProcessEmployees and Managers can expect the Job Evaluation process to take up to two months.

HR Support

HR Consultation

Each department has a primary HR Consultant that is your main point of contact. Your HR Consultant will normally respond to inquiries within two business days.
In the event of their extended absence they will leave a message with instructions on who to contact for your inquiry.