Management and Leadership Guidelines

We have created the Management and Leadership Guidelines for the Creation of a Flexible Responsive and Engaged Workplace (PDF) to provide those in management and leadership roles with clear expectations for ensuring all employees are supported to achieve their individual goals and roles in support of the University’s vision of ‘Inspiring people with the courage to transform the world’ and our values of ‘caring, creative and courageous’.


At Royal Roads those in management and leadership roles lead the creation of a flexible, responsive and engaged workforce by:

  1. Supporting respectful, healthy, and safe workplace relationships
  2. Ensuring outcomes-based role profiles and following the job evaluation process
  3. Selecting, hiring, onboarding and orienting new employees
  4. Supporting and ensuring positive employee and labour relations
  5. Providing performance feedback, coaching, and professional development
  6. Providing support to improve employee performance and taking steps to manage employee behavior
  7. Providing recognition
  8. Leading and building effective teams and teamwork
  9. Ensuring and promoting the health and safety of employees

The Detailed Guidelines

At Royal Roads University we know an employee’s direct supervisor has the most impact on their workplace experience and thereby success as an engaged and contributing member of the RRU community. These detailed guidelines above provide clear expectations for supervisors to help create that success with employees. The guidelines are intended to supplement, not replace, individual best practices in management and leadership.