New Employee Checklist

Below you will find a brief overview of what you can expect as part of your orientation to Royal Roads University during your first day and initial weeks with us!

First Day - What to Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Coffee cup and/or water bottle
  • Completed and signed Human Resources and Payroll forms
  • Completed and signed parking forms (if required)

First Day - What to Expect

  • Introductions to team and meet your Navigator (peer support)
  • View workstation and ensure you have the required office/workstation supplies
  • Tour office area (including washrooms, break rooms, fire exits, etc.)
  • Tour key campus locations with your manager/navigator (no, not all 565 acres!) and complete essential business "en route":
    • University Reception (LIC Atrium) - Obtain ID card and parking pass if required
    • Human Resources (Millward 3rd Floor) - Submit signed contract and benefit forms if required
    • 7B Administration - Obtain office and building keys
    • Payroll (Castle 322) - Submit payroll forms
  • Work with your Navigator to order your personalized name badge and business cards following the RRU Graphic Standards
  • Clarify departmental guidelines and work schedules (work hours, break times, team meetings, etc.)
  • Review departmental orientation package (if available)
  • Log onto your computer and complete the mandatory RRU orientation training 
  • Familiarize yourself with the RRU phone and voice mail system and record your internal/external voice mail message
  • Learn to navigate electronic workgroups and personal files
  • Meet with benefits administrator (Jeannie Drew) regarding benefits package and forms if applicable
  • Meet with HR Consultant regarding your collective agreement if applicable

First Week

  • Book an Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation by contacting your HR Consultant
  • Get further acquainted with your manager and department team
  • Visit the Human Resources website and become familiar with its content
  • Familiarize yourself with departmental outcomes and priorities and how your position contributes to organizational outcomes
  • Understand your role's relationship with other departments and what resources are available to you

Going Forward

  • Familiarize yourself with all of RRU's Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Review the necessary Occupational Health & Safety information on the Human Resources website
  • Ergonomic Orientations are available. Contact your HR Consultant for more information
  • Read and sign the Credit Card Handling Procedures Policy if applicable
  • Visit the Professional Development webpages of the HR Website and look for Pro-D opportunities that may be of value to you via Professional & Continuing Studies, LinkedIN Learning, Tuition Assistance, etc.
  • Sign up for Event Management Systems (EMS) campus training if required
  • Watch for weekly editions of Crossroads (every Friday) highlighting key RRU community news and events (...and don't forget to log in as an employee to see all RRU announcements)
  • Familiarize yourself with the Performance & Development Planning (PDP) process and prepare for quarterly meetings with your direct supervisor
  • Feel free to participate in organizational and internal community events such as:
    • RRU Communities
    • Campus Conversations
    • Monthly Employee Tours
    • Walking/Running Groups
  • Watch for upcoming learning and professional development opportunities such as:
    • Human Resources program offerings (eg. Lunch 'n Learn workshops)
    • Employee orientation program components (tours and orientation workshop)
    • Other internal training programs (EMS, etc)
  • Familiarize youself with other on-campus services such as:
  • Update personal information in CAMP (as required)