New Employee Orientation

In alignment with our core values of caring, accountable, and creative, RRU strives to provide a comprehensive orientation precedure. We consider new employee orientation to be a shared responsibility. The University, your manager, and your colleagues will assist you by providing the information and resources you need to become a productive and successful member of the community.

As a new employee, you have a critical role in your own orientation process. We suggest that you adopt a self-directed approach by using the orientation resources provided, and by participating in any additional orientation and learning opportunities that may be available to you. We encourage you to establish open and honest, two-way communication with your manager and colleagues, and suggest that you use a true spirit of enquiry to ask questions along the way.

New employee orientation is an ongoing process that may, at times, feel overwhelming. You will learn much about the University and its culture, systems and processes. Our New Employee Checklist will help guide you, and will also provide a means of tracking your learning. Remember that Human Resources, your manager, and colleagues can point you in the right direction as you search for information and answers to your questions.