Orientation at RRU

Royal Roads University is committed to its employees and to the investment of ensuring their orientation is welcoming, informative and meaningful. A successful program shapes a new employee's experience and can have a lasting impression. Human Resources has developed a caring and comprehensive program that will highlight our organizational goals, values, culture, our expectations of our employees and in turn what they can expect from us. 

All elements and the fundamental purpose of this program is aligns with RRU's Five-Year Strategic Direction. To become a recognized leader, a generative work culture and a high-performance organization, we nurture and promote RRU's competencies by:

  • Building strategic alliances (interpersonal Relationships)
  • Fostering trust (Personal Effectiveness)
  • Vision and goal setting (Achieving Business Results)
  • Promoting empowerment (Leading People)

RRU Core Values

  • Caring – A diverse and supportive community for our students, faculty and staff
  • Creative – Innovation in all we do; we continually seek new and better ways to do things
  • Courageous - Bold in our actions; we welcome challenges and take thoughtful risks

Investing in our people means investing in our future.

New Employee Orientation Program Desired Outcomes

Our new employee will:

  • Feel welcomed as a member of the RRU community
  • Possess the core knowledge and understanding of RRU that supports them in the alignment of individual work plans and goals with the strategic goals and vision of the organization
  • Experience and understand our unique culture and values, and is an active contributor to its sustainability and continual improvement
  • Engage fully in the organization

Departmental Orientation Desired Outcomes

Our new employee will:

  • Understand their position outcomes and responsibilities
  • Understand departmental goals and the strategic vision of the University, and recognize how their job contributes to their achievement
  • Have a good understanding of departmental procedures, customs and traditions
  • Feel like part of the team, and is supported by their manager and colleagues during their transition into the workplace
  • Have access to the resources and information necessary to assist them in becoming a successful member of the department/division and the organization

Tools For a Successful Orientation - Provided by Human Resources

University Welcome Package

An information package is given to all new employees prior to their start date (or given to their hiring manager) and contains:

  • Welcome letter from the President and AVP (Human Resources)
  • Welcome letter from Payroll with applicable start-up forms
  • Welcome letter from Security, parking pass forms and campus map
  • Various (marketing) information on RRU
  • Free week-one parking pass

Online Orientation on Moodle

On their first day of work, all employees will be given access to the Employee Orientation to RRU course on Moodle (our learning platform). Here, they will find helpful information about working at RRU, as well as mandatory training on employment related policies. Throughout their RRU employment, employees are encouraged to visit the course on Moodle often for updates and changes. 

Welcome Gift

A welcome gift is presented to all employees on their first day of work or placed on their desk before their arrival.

Benefits Meeting with Benefits Administrator

Where applicable, a meeting request is sent from the Benefits Administrator to the new employee within their first week of work to review their benefits and complete the necessary application forms.  A benefits booklet is given to the new employee at this time.

Consultant Meeting with Human Resources Consultant

Where applicable (for faculty and CUPE only), a meeting will be scheduled with an HR Consultant after their benefits meeting to briefly discuss key RRUFA or CUPE information.  A hard copy of the collective agreement is given to the new employee at this time.

One-On-One Contact with Human Resources Associate/Coordinator

A human resources associate will make contact with all new employees during their first week of employment at RRU to offer support and information guidance.

New Employee Orientation Workshop

Please see the New Employee Orientation Workshop Overview and Workshop Itinerary for more details on this informative and exciting workshop for new employees.

Monthly Employee Tours

Offered monthly and facilitated by one of our knowledgeable gardeners, these entertaining lunch-time tours highlight a different area of the campus each month.  Each new employee receives a personal invite from HR to attend, but all RRU employees are encouraged to sign-up via monthly Crossroads announcements.

Checklists, handbooks and other Orientation Resources

For the Employee

Orientation checklists and support materials for new employees can be found on the New Employee Orientation page. Immediately relevant documents are also included in the University Welcome Package. Website resources for the new employee include:

  • New employee checklist
  • A safe welcome to our campus checklist
  • Telephone instructions and long distance code authorization form
  • Campus map and campus parking information
  • Payroll forms
  • EMS reference documents
  • General campus information (recreation centre, Habitat, gift shop, etc)

For more resources, visit our New Employee Orientation page.

For the Hiring Manager

Orientation checklists and support materials for managers can be found on the Hiring Manager page.  Immediately relevant documents are also included in the University Welcome Package.  Website resources for the hiring manager include:

  • For the hiring manager - Checklist
  • Manager's guide to employee orientation at RRU
  • A safe welcome to our campus information form

For more resources, visit our Hiring Manager page.