Partners for Life - Canadian Blood Services and RRU

The Canadian Blood Services 'Partner for Life' program is for organizations who wish to make a direct impact on the lives of Canadians as a team.

Royal Roads University is a Partner for Life because we are dedicated to giving back to our community.

You too can choose to become a registered RRU blood donor! 

To sign up and have your donations counted towards the collective total, please choose one of the following options:

  • fill out the form online at (adding our Partner for Life ID: ROYA002686) or,
  • go to a clinic and complete the form there.  All Partner ID numbers are on file at the clinics.

(It is recommended that you tick the two boxes at the bottom of the form to guarantee your privacy and ensure you will not be contacted regarding other programs and initiatives).

If you prefer not to register to be counted in our RRU totals, please still consider giving!

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a clinic at RRU as the Canadian Blood Services clinics are usually set up in one location over a couple of days, there needs to be approximately 70 donors to make a clinic viable, and parking limitations on campus poses too many challenges for the public. Please check dates and locations of clinics in your area. 

If you have any questions about the ‘Partner for Life’ campaign, please contact Ann Chabert at (250) 405-4308 or by email at

As a Partner for Life, RRU has set it's goal at 75 life-saving donations per year.  Sign up and help us achieve our goal and make a difference!

All upcoming clinics will be posted in Crossroads.

Your support in this initiative is one more demonstration of how RRU employees are contributing to the well-being of our community.