Peacock Awards

Royal Roads University Peacock Awards

The RRU Peacock Award Program was established to recognize the exceptional customer/student service given by our employees and to honour those moments when someone has truly gone above and beyond their daily duties. The program also demonstrates Caring for one another, which is one of Royal Roads University’s core values. One way we practice this value is through employee recognition by acknowledging employees for the outstanding work they do for the university. The Peacock Award program allows employees the opportunity to participate in peer to peer recognition. 

 When a Peacock Award is extended, the recipient receives a $15 voucher to the RRU Gift Store. The voucher is to be used within a year of receiving it and must be used in full during the gift purchase process.

 When you experience or witness exceptional, above and beyond, service please take the time to nominate your colleague through the application process on the HR website. It’s easy to do!  Simply select the nomination tab on this webpage. You will be asked to fill in your information and the information on the person you are nominating. The Human Resource department will review the nomination and in some cases, you may be contacted to provide some clarity on the nomination.

 To respect remote working realities and physical distancing protocols the application procedure has changed slightly, once an award is approved through HR a confirmation email will be sent to the nominator. The HR department will send an electronic thank you card to the nominator to be used to write a personal message to the recipient. Additionally, an e-voucher will be included for the nominator to attach to their message.

 Those nominees who receive a Peacock Award will be contacted by HR to obtain their permission to have their names displayed publicly on the HR website.

 THANK YOU so much to everyone who takes time to participate in this program by nominating a colleague for a Peacock Award – and we extend our sincere congratulations to the many employees who have (and will) receive them!

To view Peacock Award recipients or to nominate a fellow employee for a Peacock Award, please login.