Peacock Awards

Royal Roads University Peacock Awards

The RRU Peacock Award Program was established to recognize the exceptional customer/student service given by our employees.  In keeping with the way we collectively see our current and desired culture, customer/student service is important to us all. Treating our students, visitors, and those we serve internally well is a hallmark of Royal Roads University, and we have the privilege this year of being able to reward some of the good deeds that happen here every day.
Any employee can nominate another employee for a Peacock Award!

How do I nominate someone?  It's easy!  Just click on the nomination form link below!

Human Resources will automatically receive your Nomination Form and will provide you with a thank you card and gift card for Habitat Cafe. Nominators then write a personalized message in the thank you card and are encouraged to hand-deliver the Award to the deserving recipient.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who nominated someone for a Peacock Award – and sincere congratulations to the many employees who received them. We are thankful for everyone’s efforts, whether or not they have been recognized by a Peacock Award.

We are really lucky to have such dedicated employees across the University!

To view Peacock Award recipients or to nominate a fellow employee for a Peacock Award, please login.