Performance & Development Planning

Performance and Development Planning

The value for you… from the Performance and Development Planning (PDP) process.

Effective performance management and development are essential for helping us understand how we can best contribute to university goals; and ensuring that we feel valued and supported in performing our jobs.

Key objectives of the Performance and Development Planning (PDP) process enable employees and managers to work collaboratively to set performance and development goals to ensure RRU’s workforce remains competitive within the sector and able to respond to business opportunities. The process actively supports a culture which encourages us to monitor and discuss progress on a regular basis, to coach and mentor others in a meaningful way, and to recognize the achievement of both personal development goals and organizational objectives.

Key Attributes

Key attributes of the PDP are:

  • Shared ‘partnership’ between employees and managers in creating, reviewing, and achieving goals and demonstrating the university values of caring, accountability and creativity
  • Emphasis on regular supportive conversations between employees and managers
  • Balanced focus on strengths and areas for further development 
  • Self-assessment and accountability
  • Managers as coaches and mentors
  • Opportunities for support, recognition and development 


PDP Walk-through - your guide to the PDP System