Professional Development

Investing in Employees 

Royal Roads University is committed to lifelong learning.  Through the development of the new U-LEARN framework, we are building individual, leadership and organizational capacity by investing in our employees through a variety of career-enhancing opportunities that support professional development as expressed in the annual Professional and Development Planning (PDP) process and have specific relevance to the employee's role.

Organizational Strategy

Royal Roads University's professional development practices integrate within the broader human resources strategy that reflects our organizational commitment to be:

  • Aligned for results
  • Fostering a flexible, creative and entrepreneurial culture
  • Supporting an engaged workforce
  • Investing in our future
  • Preparing for change

Building and maintaining the professional, technical, intellectual, service and interpersonal capabilities of our employees will ensure Royal Roads University is able to respond competitively to the 21st-century challenges facing the post-secondary landscape.

Pro-D Requests

All professional development requests need to support these organizational commitments as well as aligning to individual PDP goals. Work with your Supervisor to develop a personal plan that aligns with your department and university goals.

Professional Development During a Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic is changing our way of life and forcing us to find our “new normal,” one silver lining may be the time to focus on our own professional and personal development. We welcome you to explore the various online offerings listed below:

Professional and personal development during a pandemic - 2021 second edition

Professional and personal development during a pandemic - 2021 first edition

Professional and personal development during a pandemic - 2020 editions