What is Lynda training?

lynda logo Lynda is a LinkedIn company that provides online learning resources for work and non-work related learning. RRU has secured licensing for all employees to access with a vast library of online training videos. is just one element of the overall professional development plan and suite of learning opportunities available to all RRU employees:

  • RRU Degree programs
  • RRU Certificates or Diplomas
  • Continuing Studies
  • External professional development opportunities

When can I take Lynda training?

 Learn @ Work

  • Get manager/supervisor approval first (Download the form)
  • Select your course
  • Learn during work hours

 Learn @ Home

  • is available to all RRU employees 24/7!
  • Enjoy learning about anything else you're interested in
  • On your own time

How do I access training?

Application Form (docx)