Suggested Continuing Studies Courses for Professional Development

Mindful Communication and Listening01/12/2015
Introduction to Graphic Recording04/12/2015
Project Management Essentials09/12/2015
Accounting Preparatory-ONLINE04/01/2016
Time and Priority Management-ONLINE18/01/2016
Moodle Skills Workshop-ONLINE18/01/2016
Mindful Leadership21/01/2016
Difficult Conversations-ONLINE25/01/2016
Building a Business Case27/01/2016
Gotta Teach! How to Teach Anyone Anything27/01/2016
The Neuroscience of Leadership29/01/2016
Introduction to Project Management-ONLINE01/02/2016
The Mindful Leader-ONLINE01/02/2016
High Performance Meetings03/02/2016
Self-Leadership: Using Olympic Gold Medal Standards to Guide You to Success03/02/2016
From Opera to Opportunity: Finding Your Public Speaking Voice05/02/2016
Developing Personal Resilience -ONLINE08/02/2016
Introduction to the LEADS Leadership Framework10/02/2016
Core Communications Skills11/02/2016
Communicating for Sustainability: Change Your Mind, Change the World13/02/2016
The Mindful Educator13/02/2016
Promoting Empowerment: Working for Change15/02/2016
Instructional Skills Workshop-ONLINE15/02/2016
Coaching for Performance19/02/2016
A COACH Approach to Leading and Managing-ONLINE22/02/2016
A Fresh Perspective on Human Potential: The Language of Work22/02/2016
Developing Leadership Impact23/02/2016
Strategic Systems Thinking: The Big Picture24/02/2016
Lead from Your Strengths25/02/2016
Word Power: Improve Your Vocabulary and Ability to Express Yourself25/02/2016
Neuroethics and Mindfulness27/02/2016
Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone out of the Box01/03/2016
Adapting Microsoft™ Excel for Business02/03/2016
Leading from the Middle: Revitalizing the Role of the Middle Manager02/03/2016
Instructional Skills Workshop02/03/2016
Big Data and the Future04/03/2016
Labour and Employment Law for BC-1 day05/03/2016
Project Management Essentials07/03/2016
Collaborate Moderator Training07/03/2016
Women in Leadership: Living and Speaking Feminine Values08/03/2016
The Practice of Council: An Introduction to Finding Your Authentic Voice in Community08/03/2016
Moodle Skills Workshop10/03/2016
The Foundations of Deep Democracy: Skill for Facilitation and Conflict Engagement12/03/2016
Mindful Communication and Listening15/03/2016
Talent Management: Developing Capacity Through Succession17/03/2016
Managing Virtual Teams - ONLINE23/03/2016
Writing for Business30/03/2016
ReFrame: Asking a Better Question Makes A World of Difference31/03/2016
 Developing and Understanding of Protocols in Respect of First Nations Ways15/04/2015