Supervisor Safety Training Program

RRU is committed to providing managers and supervisors with the necessary training that will assist the University with the provision of quality services while ensuring the occupational health and safety of all of their staff. RRU managers, project co-coordinators and supervisors are required to participate in training in the following areas:

Session 1 - WCB - Due Diligence - WCB Inspections

This session provides an overview of the WCB regulations, the University’s and supervisor’s responsibilities to show Due Diligence and the WCB inspectors’ observations of safety inspections.

Session 2 - Claims Management - First-Aid - Accident Investigations

This session provides an overview of the costs of WCB claims, how to have first-aid services be more effective, how to manage a WCB claim, how to conduct accident investigations, and managing return to work with light duty programs.

Session 3 - Conducting Inspections and Job-Site Vigilance

This session will provide guidance on who, when and where workplace inspections are to be made, including those by OH&S committee, plus how to identify hazards and poor work processes by job-site vigilance.

Session 4 - Confined Space Entry - Lockouts - Personal Protective Equipment

This session will provide the correct process for how and when to lockout equipment, manage confined spaces, and supply and enforcement procedures on the use of personal protective equipment.

In addition to these four training sessions, those managers and supervisors who are involved in monitoring contracted services on campus will also be required to attend a training session that provides and overview of managing contractor safety requirements.