Violence in the Workplace

The University will take appropriate measures to ensure that all staff members are free from violence in the workplace. These procedures apply to situations where the violence, or threat of violence, comes from someone other than an RRU staff member (as defined in the Workers’ Compensation Act of B.C.). For situations where the violence, or threat of violence, comes from an RRU staff member, the University’s Harassment Procedure is to be followed.

Violence is defined as:

The attempted or actual exercise of a person, other than a worker, of any physical force so as to cause injury to a worker and includes any threatening statement or behaviour which gives a worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she is at risk of injury.

Risk Assessments

Each person shall conduct periodic risk assessments of their workplace where they may identify the potential risk exposure to workplace violence. Reviewers should consider previous history of violence in their own workplace, previous experience in a similar workplace or by the specific location and circumstances on their existing workplace.

Education and Training

The University will provide worker education on how to avoid and prevent workplace violence as appropriate, particularly to those staff that have a high degree of contact with the public, work directly with money, etc. Departmental-specific training will be provided by supervisors of affected areas.

Reporting of Incidents

All incidents of violence must be reported to your supervisor using the Hazard Reporting Form, and an investigation will follow. All incidents and investigations shall be made available to the OH&S Committee.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding violence in the workplace, contact your HR representative or Security and Campus Services.