The Welcome Wagon Committee


To bring together and provide support and direction to those individuals who make such a positiveimpact and lasting relationship with our new employees - the departmental Navigators.


Once a new employee is hired, an orientation partnership begins between the Navigator and the employee.  This on-going relationship is not limited to the first few weeks of work and although the new employee works closely with their supervisor and other colleagues in their unit or department, it is the Navigator that ensures they have all the information and resources they need to feel comfortable and prepared to be a success at RRU.  The messages they receive must be accurate, consistent and of value.  The Welcome Wagon Committee will provide the forum for sharing information and ensuring consistent practice.


Welcome Wagon Committee meetings are chaired by the Human Resources department and will be held once every quarter (or as necessary) with ongoing email communications.


Navigators will be identified by the senior managers who report directly to the members of the executive team.  There is no limit to the number of Navigators in each portfolio.